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Abbey Creek Winery

In 2008 Bertony Faustin became the first recorded black winemaker in Oregon. The journey that led him to this incredible accomplishment was not typical nor could it have been. Faustin was not the decedent of prominent wine lineage and his motivation was never strictly about the wine. His destiny was sown deeply into the fabric of family and living up to the expectations of his father. With so many entering the industry to become a renowned wine maker Faustin had bigger plans. He saw his opportunity to build a platform that would allow him to change the world. 

Abbey Creek, named after the creek that runs through the vineyard property, lives in the west hills of Portland Oregon. The first vines were planted in 1981 by Dr. Robert & Sandra Simmons on a modest 5 acres of the 50 acre property. Originally planted as a tax deferral establishing the property as farm land; These grapes would lay the foundation for boundless growth and potential. Unbeknownst to the original cultivators of this land one ingredient was missing. 

 It needed a pioneer and Faustin was just that. With the vision of growing a few rows of grapes to a brand that could potentially influence the world Bertony took on the challenge of building a label that would change the course of the industry. The tragedy of losing his father evoked a change in career for winemaker and founder Bertony Faustin. Planting 7 additional acres of grapes and establishing Abbey Creek’s first wine label in 2008. 

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