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About Newberg, Oregon

More and more travelers and connoisseurs are being drawn to Newberg, Oregon. From across the country and around the world, there is a growing curiosity about the place. A big part of that has to do with the wines Newberg has been producing, now considered by many to be some of the best in the world. But it goes beyond the wine and the vineyards and the wineries. Because the Newberg experience is just that: experiential. It’s a place for slowing down and tasting life and all the wonders of the region.
The restaurants.
The brew pubs.
The coffee roasters.
The camellias.
The truffles.
The art.
The history.


It’s a place to stay. To feel welcomed. To enjoy. To learn. Learn about winemaking and making in general. It’s a straight shot from Portland. A straight shot to the beach and the mountains. Yes, there is a growing curiosity about Newberg that we come by honestly, by virtue of our 135-year old university founded by Quaker pioneers, a private learning institution consistently ranked as one of the best in the country. Newberg is a place of learning, a veritable university of the senses. That’s why we don’t want people just to “visit Newberg.” We want them to taste all of its unique flavors and experiences. We want them to stay, and we want them to come back and taste it all over again. And again and again.

Why Newberg?

You’re going to fall in love with this place. Just like so many before, you’ll follow your senses here. You’ll set out to discover the discoverable and let your curiosity discover everything else. Less about dazzle, Newberg is a University of the Senses with a curriculum that reaches through you to your very soul. Newberg is a gathering place that is utterly Instagram bucket list ready.High and low cultures are coming together and raising a glass to curiosity and learning. Newberg. It’s closer than you think, and a University of the Senses.

Newberg is the easiest of getaways — just 30 minutes from Portland

Newberg, Oregon, is a very curious place indeed. It attracts the curious. It draws them from every corner of the globe. We’re just around the corner from Portland and you can wake up in Wine Country! Indulge your senses with our gorgeous countryside and quite literally, some of the best wines in the world. When you’re hungry, don’t miss our merry mingling of blue-ribbon chefs and farm-fresh cuisine. As if that weren’t enough, Newberg has even more to peruse. You’ll find inspirational art, history, and events that you’ll savor and adore. It’s all accessible and waiting for you to set your GPS coordinates. Your tastes can’t wait.

What to do?

You wouldn’t think that a little town like Newberg could be so cool. Begin to look, and you’ll delight at what you uncover. The friendly people here can point you to the Chehalem Cultural Center. Between the art classes, exhibits and concerts, you’ll find a place bustling with energy. Let the power overtake you and get some paint on your hands. Who knows what you’ll be inspired to create! When you tire of scrubbing the gesso off your hands, drop into ART Elements or one of the other downtown Newberg art galleries or schedule a workshop retreat weekend at Blue Plume Studio. The local artists will blow your mind and will force you into an impossible decision: which one to take home. There’s no doubt now that you’re mastering your University of the Senses.