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Angela Vineyards

Angela Vineyards was started in 2006 out of a friendship, in the small town of Carlton, Oregon, with the simpleintent of making delicious wines with and for friends. Our chosen approach was an ancient one: letting the grapes and the terrain guide the way.This corner of the New World is one of contrasts and surprises—one we were drawn to because there’s just something about bringing the unexpected together. What we produce comes from relationships—between land and weather, vines and soil, people andplaces, ideas and experiences. Even within our own family, we bring together three continents and a widerange of passions: for growing, winemaking, design, and keeping our environment alive and well.Winemaker Alban Debeaulieu creates wines that showcase their individualities and essential pleasures while treading lightly on the earth. We feel winemaking is about the process and what’s essential is the wines are well-made, balanced, flavorful, and bring joy to the people drinking them.We are thrilled to be bringing our unique tasting experience to an urban setting this winter season. Whether you’re creating new connections, celebrating a milestone, or just taking a moment for yourself, Beyond the Vines was created to provide more than just a bit of wine and a place to taste. Instead, Beyond the Vines exists to cultivate community, to provide a canvas where your group can create its own unique experience that’s equal parts inspiration and delight. Located in the wide open space of an urban loft, featuring work from local artists, and furnished with your comfort and safety in mind. And while feeling safe, we’ve made sure the experience feels intimate and cozy for the season; we’ll have a clever menu from local chefs matched with our wines and just the right amount of service. Best of all, you’ll find plenty of room to make the occasion—whatever it is—truly yours. Reservations can be made via our website, for groups of up to 6 people or less.

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