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Fish are Schooling in Newberg

May 20, 2020

Fish are Schooling in Newberg

Newberg may be a few miles from the sea, but fresh fish are schooling here anyway. It’s probably not the first place you’d go looking for seafood – tucked away behind an old church, hiding under 200-foot evergreens, but that’s where you’ll catch Northwest Fresh Seafood. 

The monger’s motto is Radically Fresh, and you’ll sense that the moment you walk in the door. Their market list indexes the fish by price, as well as where and how they sourced it. Ask, and they’ll show you the fish in their cooler. Better yet, call your order in by Wednesday, and they’ll find the freshest options for you for the weekend. It’s almost like baiting the hook yourself.

They’re all about the fish, but if their front room could talk, it would argue for being one of the area’s best local specialty food markets. There, you’ll find local wines, an impressive collection of sauces that will make your prized salmon stand out, and a bevy of kitchen gadgets. It’s a fun place to browse, even if the only rockfish you’re after is on your iTunes.

A fish shop might not be at the top of most tourist itineraries, but NWFS breaks the mold. Foodies will want to see what’s on the hook.

Written by: Ron Miller