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Atticus Wine

We fell in love with the Willamette Valley on our very first visit in 2004 and immediately decided to put down deep roots in wine country. We planted Atticus Vineyard from scratch in 2005 on what once was a clover field, built a house on the property and permanently made this our home in 2007. We feel privileged to live in our vineyard and watch our children grow up in this idyllic place where we coexist with nature and are so connected to the land.We have been making wine commercially for over 15 years and our goal is to make the best possible Pinot Noir from our site – always striving for that perfect balance between power and elegance. If you would like to visit us, we offer exclusive by appointment-only, private seated tastings in our home overlooking the vineyard. Our wines are limited and we only have a handful of tastings a week so we encourage you to make reservations far in advance.

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