Where is Newberg, Oregon?

Newberg is just 22 miles from downtown Portland, in the northwest corner of the Willamette Valley – Newberg is the perfect Portland getaway! Newberg sits in a triangle-shaped valley, bordered by Chehalem Mountain, the Dundee Hills, and the Willamette River.

What is the population of Newberg, Oregon?

The city has a population of 23,396.

What is the history of Newberg, Oregon?

The first residents of what is now known as Newberg were members of the native Kalapuya tribe. They were semi-nomadic and established the Willamette River as a thoroughfare for transportation and trade. In the 1830s, European settlers followed the river to Newberg and established the town as a territorial trading center. In 1841, Willamette Valley settlers convened for the first time in Champoeg, southeast of Newberg (what is now Champoeg State Park), to discuss the wolves that were menacing their settlements. These meetings led to the formation of Oregon’s provisional government in 1843. Newberg was named in 1869 by its first postmaster, Sebastian Brutscher, after his hometown of Neuberg, Germany. Quakers played a large role in the establishment and growth of Newberg, including the founding of George Fox University in 1885 (originally named Friends Pacific Academy), the first Christian college in Oregon. In 1885, a young Herbert Hoover arrived in Oregon to live with his aunt and uncle, John and Laura Minthorn. He grew up in Newberg before going on to become the 31st president of the United States. Newberg is the site of the only presidential landmark in Oregon: The Hoover-Minthorn House, a museum of the Hoover residence opened in 1955.

What is the closest airport?

Newberg has two airfields: Chehalem Airpark and Sportsman Airpark. There is a regional airport 13 miles away in McMinnville, and a second airport, 14 miles away in Canby. The Portland International Airport is 33 miles away.

How do I plan a wine tour weekend?

Wine tasting in Newberg is a casual affair that you’re going to love. We like to tell people to let their senses be their guide. You can start at the seven wineries that are right in downtown. They’re all just a short walk from each other, and offer a great sampling of the region’s wine. Venture into the countryside and there are hundreds of wineries and tasting rooms awaiting your exploration. Just show up and tell them you’re looking to taste. Expect to get several different wines in your tasting flight, which might include Chardonnay, Riesling, Gamay, Pinot Noir, and others.

Wine tours can be self-guided. Ask for recommendations in town, or ask at each tasting room for a tip on where to go next. Professional tours are also available, and offer the added benefit of including a designated driver.

Following the pandemic, some wineries require reservations. Call ahead, just to be sure. For a list of wineries and their phone numbers, visit our tourist directory page.

How many wineries are in Newberg?

We have 56 wineries in Newberg, and a hundred more within just a few miles.

When is the best time to visit Newberg, Oregon?

Newberg’s climate is moderate, tempered by the Pacific Ocean that’s just 68 miles away. Locals like to say that we have a lot of spring and fall here, and not a lot of summer and winter. July and August might be our driest months, but don’t worry too much about our famous rain. Generally, the rain comes in the form of scattered showers, and even our rainy days often include plenty of dry spells. Our average high temperatures range from 44º in December to 81º in July and August.

What is there to do in Newberg, Oregon?

You wouldn’t think that a little town like Newberg could be so cool. Begin to look, and you’ll delight at what you uncover. The friendly people here can point you to the Chehalem Cultural Center. Between the art classes, exhibits and concerts, you’ll find a place bustling with energy. Let the power overtake you and get some paint on your hands. Who knows what you’ll be inspired to create! When you tire of scrubbing the gesso off your hands, drop into ART Elements or one of the other downtown Newberg art galleries or schedule a workshop retreat weekend at Blue Plume Studio. The local artists will blow your mind and will force you into an impossible decision: which one to take home. We’re the “Camellia City” so come in April and check out our famous Camellia Festival. Shopping and antiquing are fun activities and of course there are the wine tasting rooms. With the Willamette River here, there are countless water sports right at our front door. There’s hiking, team sports, paintball, breweries, distilleries, and equestrian centers in abundance, so no matter what your interest, you’ll find it here. There’s no doubt now that you’re mastering your University of the Senses.

How many days do I need to plan on to see Newberg, Oregon?

Residents would tell you that you need a lifetime to fully explore the area, but you’ll probably do fine in a weekend. Of course it depends on what you want to do and see, but you could fill out 3 perfect days in Newberg.

Can I see Newberg in a day-trip from Portland?

We’d love for you to stay longer, but because of our proximity to Oregon’s biggest city, you could easily get a taste in a day-trip. Start early and think about getting breakfast here. Tasting rooms generally open between 10:00 and noon, and stay open until 4:00 to 6:00. Be sure to check hours before heading out. Links to all of the wineries, as well as their phone number, can be found in our tourist directory.

How do I get to Newberg?

Most people get here by driving. Oregon Highway 99W runs right through town. It connects Newberg with Portland to the northeast and McMinnville to the southwest. If you’re driving on I-5, take exit 278 in Donald, it connects to Newberg.

Need a lift? Here are some tour companies that will make getting to Newberg, even easier!

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