3 Reasons You Should Visit Newberg, Oregon

If you take Route 99W southwest out of Portland, you’ll soon encounter a world of wonder and beauty. Newberg, Oregon, is a straight shot out of the city, but once you’re here, you’ll feel like you’re worlds away. Newberg is the renowned gateway to Oregon’s unique wine country, but our exquisite Pinots aren’t the only reason to visit. Discover some of the best reasons you should visit Newberg, Oregon, and read on to see what awaits you at Newberg’s University of the Senses.

A Wine Country Like No Other

Of course, one of the biggest draws of Newberg is the wine. But what makes Oregon wine country so unique? Newberg prides itself on a rich, down-to-earth wine experience for everyone who visits. Get hands-on experience with soil that grows such decadent, cool-climate grapes. Meet the friendly winemakers who help put Willamette Valley on the map.

Best of all, slow down and spend your time immersing yourself in the delightful tastes and aromas that fill Newberg’s dozens of wineries. Newberg delivers a wine experience you’ll never forget.

3 Reasons You Should Visit Newberg, Oregon
Wolves and People Farmhouse Brewery

Creative Chefs Serving Fresh Delights

The fertile farmland of Willamette Valley isn’t just ideal for grapes. Another great reason you should visit Newberg, Oregon, is the nationally acclaimed dining scene full of delicious farm-to-table meals. A lush variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other farm products are available throughout the year, creating a delicious selection of locally grown ingredients. For this reason, masterful chefs from around the world set up shop in Newberg. When you visit Newberg, you won’t have to look far for gourmet flavors of every kind.

Keep it casual by swinging by one of our renowned food trucks, such as the family-owned and operated Dos Mundos. In the mood for comfort food? Get your fill at Honey Pie Pizza, where every New York-style pizza comes from local ingredients, enthusiastic service, and the dream of four Newberg locals.

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Britt Eisele for Taste Newberg.

Seasonal Sensations

When is the best time to visit Newberg? Any time! Newberg hosts several seasonal events throughout the year, so mark your calendar and come join in the fun.

February is Truffle Month: forage for truffles with a guide, enjoy truffle-themed meals, and learn a thing or two about finding, cooking, and enjoying the local fungi. Bask in fields of royal purple when you explore the Newberg Lavender Trail or experience the Willamette Valley Lavender Festival and Plein Air Art Festival in July. When November and December come around, get into the holiday spirit with The 12 Tastes of Christmas. Newberg also hosts events throughout the summer, including Tunes on Tuesday, Newberg Wednesday Market, and the Newberg Old-Fashioned Festival.

Newberg Is Rich With Arts and Culture

While Newberg’s wine and dining scenes are worth the visit alone, there’s still so much to explore while you’re here. Stimulate the mind and delight the rest of your senses when you delve into Newberg’s numerous art galleries, museums, and more. Get a dose of local history when you visit the Hoover-Minthorn House Museum, where President Herbert Hoover lived as a boy. Celebrate performing and visual arts, community, and local heritage at the Chehalem Cultural Center. Enjoy a blast from the past at the 99W Drive-In theater or the historic Cameo theater in downtown. With so much to see, do, and learn in Newberg, your only challenge will be deciding what to experience first.

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