5,311 Miles West of Burgundy: Domaine Divio.

Connoisseurs of fine wine have tread well-worn paths to Burgundy for millennia. The French hills, rocky soil, and continental climate have long worked together to create their unique brand of Pinot Noir. We love it. Then a few decades ago, some people started making Pinot Noir in Oregon, and it spoke to our senses in new ways. It’s a New World experience that continues to attract winemakers from around the world. One such winemaker is Domaine Divio owner and winemaker, Bruno Corneaux.

Roots that run all the way to France…

Domaine Divio interior

Raised just outside of Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, Bruno is a 4th generation Burgundian producer. At the University of Dijon, he gained a Master’s Degree in Oenology and Viticulture and took his experience on the road. He’s worked in vineyards from South Africa to California and Washington. In 1999, he started an award-winning winery in Tahiti. In 2012, Bruno made his way to the Willamette Valley and, in 2014, began his winery in the Ribbon Ridge AVA outside of Newberg.

With roots that run to France, Bruno’s unique expression of Pinot Noir has a distinct Burgundian bent. Similarly, the emergence of Oregon’s take on burgundy-style Chardonnay has led Bruno to create an outstanding example of this great variety.

Domaine Divio fireplace

Bruno’s winery is Domaine Divio, and it sits at the base of Ribbon Ridge, west of Newberg. The comfortable tasting room and warmth of the team there will make you feel at home. Beautiful views and beautiful wines await your visit.

Written by: Ron Miller

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