Ice Cream and the Dog Days of Summer in Newberg

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On days like this, it’s hard to argue with an ice cream cone. It’s like having AC in the palm of your hand. Silky and opulent, cold and sweet, it’s an affordable luxury with the potential of making one’s entire day.  The good news is that in these long hot days, Newberg happens to be a haven for excellent ice cream. Whether it’s a post-wine tasting treat, or you’ve just made the short drive from the Portland area, Newberg is your perfect road trip getaway and visiting Cream Northwest is one of the best things to do in Newberg.

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As one reviewer on Yelp wrote, “From the first time I had their ice cream, I was hooked. Their adventurous journey with flavors keeps you wanting more.” That’s a pretty good way to describe Cream Northwest. Tucked into a corner of the Chapters Books and Coffee at 701 E 1st Street, Cream is an artisan ice cream shop where their constantly changing flavors are as varied and bold as the books on the shelves. For example, their Whole Orange utilizes the entire orange: the zest, juice, blossom, and candied oranges. It’s more than just a take on ice cream; it’s a whole new way to look at the treat. You need to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. It’s there that they tell their fans about secret flavors. Last week, it was Sweetcorn and Caramel!

Storrs Smokehouse ice cream

Ice cream goes great with smoked brisket, pulled pork, and pork ribs, but maybe you haven’t thought about going to Storrs Smokehouse, just for the ice cream. You’re not likely to resist a plate of chicken wings, but it’s cool to know that you could. Storrs sister is The Painted Lady. It turns out the Lady is a good sister to have because, together, they make homemade ice cream. Get it by the scoop, or try one of their fantastic ice cream sandwiches — their current flavor special is Vanilla Brandy ice cream with a flourless brownie. This week’s ice cream flavor lineup includes Whiskey Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Brownie Sundae. Storrs is at 310 E 1st Street.

Jem 100 ice cream shop

You’ll find the classic ice cream experience at Jem 100 — A Willamette Valley institution. It seems that most locals have a story about going there as a kid. Now with their kids, they drop quarters in the Rock-Ola, sharing the great music of the Beach Boys and Little Richard with a new generation. You can count on Betty Boop to still watch over the activities. With over 31 flavors from AlpenroseUmpqua and Cascade Glacier, you’ll no doubt find your favorite. They’ll scoop that ice cream into a cone, a dish, or transform it into a milkshake or soda. It’s old-fashioned fun, the old-fashioned way. If you’ve genuinely embraced these lazy days of Summer, then you’re probably not cooking tonight. Jem 100’s burgers are excellent, and a terrific appetizer for the ice cream! They are taking social distancing seriously, with reduced seating, 6-foot separators, and one-way traffic flow. You can find Jem 100 at 208 N Main Street.

Happy summer, everyone!

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