I’m in a Pinot State of Mind

We like to say that Newberg, and our surrounding wine country, is more a state of mind than a geographical waypoint. Visitors coming from points north, cruise over Rex Hill to find the Willamette Valley and a place where everything is just a little different. Time slows, and subtlety takes over. At the northern fringe of this state of mind, sits Colene Clemens Vineyards. Occupying 300 vertical feet of hillside, the 62 acres at Colene Clemens offers its own unique bliss. 

The vineyards rise steeply from Dopp Creek. On your right is a century-old barn that’s just begging to be your next Instagram post. Stop and take a picture — you know you want to! The road then winds past the grapes and up the hill to the tasting room crown at the top. With breathtaking views in all directions, you’ll be happy your camera is still at-the-ready. (Tip: it’s one of Newberg’s best places to watch a sunset.)

The weather is probably going to guide you in your next decision. Either sit inside the winery, cozying up by the stone fireplace or take your glass of Pinot Noir outside and admire the expanse. The views won’t let you down, and neither will the wine. This is one of Oregon’s top wineries. In 2018, Wine Spectator named one of the Pinots here, the #7 Wine in the World — yes, the whole world! Whatever ends up in your glass, it won’t take more than a sip or two to know that winemaker, Stephen Goff, makes excellent wine.

Between the wine, the views, and that old barn down the hill, you’re going to want to stay. Not only is this incredible place a state of mind, but for the moment, it’s your state of mind.

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