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Taste Newberg is the official travel resource for Newberg, Oregon, offering a consumer-facing website for visitors to the destination, providing timely information and itinerary ideas for local travel.  

Finding your own unique taste for travel and leisure is our expertise! Our website takes a deep dive into the many wonders of our city, taking you on a virtual journey. Your travel plans have already been hand-crafted by our team, with our suggested itineraries

Wine de Roads 23
Aerial View Ribbon Ridge AVA, Newberg (Photo by Yellow Cactus Creative)

A few fun ways to get a taste of Newberg are through our seasonal promotions, such as the Newberg Lavender Trail, Truffle Month in Newberg, and the 12 Tastes of Christmas.  Our name Taste Newberg can suggest it is a singular event or function, but instead we showcase a variety of tastes and experiences from which you can choose all year round!  

Oregon white truffles
Oregon White Truffles
Wayward Winds Lavender Farm in Newberg
Wayward Winds Lavender Farm, Newberg Oregon

Newberg is the gateway to Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country, located only 30 minutes from Portland. More than 100 wineries lie within a short drive from Newberg’s Main Street, offering tastings by appointment, many with outdoor seating options.

More and more travelers and connoisseurs are being drawn to Newberg, Oregon. A big part of that has to do with the restaurants, the wine, the brew pubs, the coffee roasters, the camellias, the truffles, the art, the history. The wines that many of our Newberg wineries have been producing are considered by many to be some of the best in the world. But it goes beyond the wine and the vineyards. Because the Newberg experience is just that: experiential. 

It’s a place for slowing down and tasting life and all the wonders of the region. It’s a place for all to stay. For all to feel welcomed. For all to enjoy. For all to learn. It’s a quick drive from Portland, and a quick drive to the beach. Newberg is a place of learning, a veritable university of the senses. That’s why we don’t want people just to “visit Newberg.” We want visitors to stay and taste all the unique flavors and experiences. 

ThePaintedLady creditMarielleDezurick
The Painted Lady (Photo by Marielle Dezurick)

Connoisseurs and enthusiasts are now coming to Newberg to learn and experience more. Some come to enjoy workshops or dinner with local winemakers. Couples and friends enrolling in classes looking to master a new craft, earn their bragging-rights certification, and venture out afterwards to test their newly or further-developed senses, at our award-winning wineries and eateries. 

Newberg is where you stay and wake up in the middle of wine country. Newberg is the destination that curates and catalyzes the unique DNA of the region, giving visitors quick, convenient access to knowledge and experiences that would typically require huge investments of time and energy. Newberg is a gathering place that is utterly Instagram bucket- list ready. Faraway travelers and Oregonians coming together and raising a glass to curiosity and learning. 

Parrett Mountain Cellars by Gary Randall
Parrett Mountain Wine Cellars (Photo by Gary Randall)

Newberg. It’s a University of the Senses. Now it’s time to find your unique tastes – whether in wine, art, fashion, craft brew, cuisine, history, distilled spirits, or your taste/preference for outdoor recreation. 

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