Luckee Dutch Bakery

Luckee Dutch is a family owned and operated business that began with a simple idea: to reinvent the cookie. Well, not necessarily reinvent, but, rather update to today’s more sophisticated and experienced tastes. With the recent explosion of micro-bakeries and cupcake shops… let’s just say Luckee Dutch Bakery felt like the cookie was getting left behind and deserved an artisan of its own.

Luckee Dutch Bakery champions the cookie. But how does one make a cookie artisan? By drawing on years of experience in culinary fields as well as the training received obtaining a culinary degree to question not only what a cookie is, but what a cookie could be. Luckee Dutch cookies are made using the knowledge of baking, the practice of methods, and a hint of tradition and heritage to become something a little different and they think, a little better. But maybe you don’t want a new experience when enjoying a cookie? That’s fine too. Some of their favorite cookies are classics. Only they make them as Mom did.

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