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Kelley Fox Wines

Kelley Fox Wines is a small family winery started by just two people, Kelley Fox (winemaker/GM) and her father, Gus Sterns (the organizer). The first vintage was 2007, starting with just over 100 cases. The annual case production is now just a touch over 3000 cases, all from the historic Maresh Vineyard, Weber Vineyard, Canary Hill, Carter, Hyland, Freedom Hill and Durant.The wines are made to reflect the land, the vines, the fruit of the vines, the year, and everything else unknown and unseen that comes with those things. That said, the wines are not really “made” at all. As the winemaker, Kelley Fox has no end result in mind each year for the what the wines will be. What she is doing is responding to the essence of the fruit from each block, which she hopes is carrying the essence of the earth that bore it, along with the details of the year (the weather, the stars and the planets).

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