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Hispanic Heritage Month in Newberg Oregon - Wine Country
Sep 15, 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month in Newberg

A month-long celebration of Hispanic-Americans and Hispanic culture kicks off this week across America. Here in Newberg, the Chehalem Cultural Center has three events, plus a November 7 celebration fo Dia de los Muertos.

Good Company Cheese Bar & Bistro - Downtown Newberg, Oregon
Aug 27, 2020

Dreams come true at Newberg’s Good Company Cheese Bar & Bistro

On September 1, downtown Newberg will have a new taste experience — Good Company Cheese Bar & Bistro. The shop is the dream of Kristen Kidney and combines a cheesemonger, with a lunch and happy hour spot, as well as a full bar. It’s a new concept that’s bound to be a hit.

Cool and creamy ice cream at Jem 100 in Newberg, Oregon
Aug 20, 2020

Ice Cream and the Dog Days of Summer in Newberg

The dog days of summer are a perfect excuse for a lazy afternoon and an ice cream treat. Newberg is a haven for terrific ice cream. Cream Northwest, Storrs Smokehouse, Jem 100, offer up three different approaches to the treat we all crave. Our latest blog article gives you the scoop with everything you need to know to satisfy that craving!

Wine Tastes at Potter's Vineyard - Newberg
Aug 13, 2020

Mixing Art and Wine, Near Portland

Going pro with your hobby, just once, is more than enough for most people. In 2012, however, the Sanchezes decided to do it again. The idea they hatched was that if they had a winery, their tasting room could also be their art galley. They could combine the two, and the result would be a new experience for wine tasters. Potter's Vineyard and Clay Art Gallery, was born.

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